It’s been a really busy few weeks, and I’ve been at the office at least one day every weekend for the last month… Today is no different; as soon as one of the testers manages to make it to the office and drop off a mac, I’ll be in doing some last-minute testing before Monday to make a client happy.

It’s not hard work mind you, just lightly annoying to have everything in my life orbit around work… Like, I’d planned to go see the new Batman movie today being as it’s supposedly good and I don’t have to wear a spacesuit to go to the theater anymore. Buuuut – no. I have testing to do.

Oh well, it allows me to buy another week of gruel, I guess.

Most of my overtime issues stem from how hard it is to hire people these days. Back in 2019 we had a constant stream of people contacting us looking for a job, now no matter how much advertising we do for more employees, there are simply none to be had.

We’re not alone in this problem either. Which I’m guessing is why the number of contracts we’re getting is increasing; no one else can get in new people either so they’re trying to contract out… Which means I get to fill in the bare spots in the testing schedule.

Oh well – this too shall pass.

In my rare moments of down-time I’ve been playing “Lost Ark”, which is essentially “World of Diablo”. It’s been really fun and, so far, it’s a really good game… I just recently made it to the level 50 cap and still have over half of the main storyline to complete, so I’m definitely getting my $15 out of the thing.

Listening to "Everything" by FM-84