Just got the 300 back from the tint shop, and they did an amazing job.

Xpel 15% ceramic tint all the way around. From inside it’s a bit like wearing sunglasses – which is nice as I wear glasses and don’t normally see a reason to invest in prescription shades. The tint is polarized as well, so headlights no longer make me squint.

It rained buckets this afternoon, so the car was delayed a couple of hours from the shop having to play car Tetris with everything they’re working on… It looked like hail, so they got everything indoors asap.

But they put in some O/T to get the 300 done this evening, and I got it home no problem… I was a bit worried about the standing water everywhere, but the car did pretty good; no hydroplaning to speak of, even with no-season racing radials on it.

So, I can check off ‘exterior’ now. Next on the list? Exhaust.

Listening to "Magic Power" by Triumph