More old iPhones

It has been a while since my last Old Apple Crap post, so here’s a new one.

After my original iPhone, I migrated to a 3GS. Unfortunately the 3GS, being made of plastic, didn’t fare very well and I no longer have it… But I still have my iPhone 4 and 5, and like my first iPhone they still function…

The CDMA version of the iPhone 4 – from 12 years ago
Like all of my stuff, the phone is in excellent shape

The interesting bit about the above iPhone 4 is that it’s the phone that broke the AT&T strangle hold on iPhones… It’s the first CDMA version, and was a Verizon phone.

It has an integrated SIM, so it still shows network connectivity, but the service has been turned down for voice calls – so this phone, like my original iPhone, is only really useful as a collectible now.

The CDMA version of the iPhone 5 – The best iPhone ever made and a decade old a this point.
Pristine – just how I like my collectables. It’s still bright white; the sunlight in the room is making it look yellow in the photo.

My iPhone 5 was another CDMA model on Verizon, but this time in white to break my long history of black iPhones.

The iPhone 5 was peak iPhone in my opinion; retina screens in a proper wide-screen ratio, lightning connector, LTE connectivity, good battery, good performance… It was the total package, and still fit in the average human hand.

In theory I could put a SIM in this phone and it would still work… Probably not worth the expense of another carrier service though, so it too is just a collectable at this point.

Listening to "Late Night Calls" by At 1980