There and Back

So after some discussion yesterday morning, I sent my roommate and his relatives off to Rampart Range Road in his jeep while I enjoyed a quiet day at the house – for the most part.

See, it’s typically not a good idea for both of us to be away from civilization at the same time because something always comes up at work and needs our immediate attention, and yesterday was no exception… At about lunchtime my boss calls and says theres a surprise data collect going on at the office and the wifi isn’t working – so everything is pear-shaped.

The “problem” is that we don’t run the building wifi on weekends for security, and haven’t for years, but no one thought to mention the data collect to I.T. so we could enable it.

An easy fix, and as I needed to get a MAC address off of the new HP Z8 for the mac-locked software they need to run on it before Monday morning, I just drove in to take care of both birds.

As soon as I arrived at the office, my roommate calls and had both managed to get lost in the Pike National Forest and declined to top off the tank in the jeep before hitting the trails; so he had about 20 miles of gas left and no idea where he was.

This was another easy fix once he enabled “Find My” on his phone so that I could see where he was from here at the office. I used that to guide him back to the proper road and they made it into Woodland Park with about four gallons left in the tank.

Once I had the office back up and running, I went and washed the car and then decided to go get dinner at Hickory House in Parker…

As I was leaving the subdivision I was flagged down by this older lady who was in a panic; she was at the community mailboxes and looked to be having an issue with someone in a nearby car.

I stopped and she very apologetically explained that she had a terrible fear of spiders and there was one on her car door… I chuckled, pulled over, and got out to face down the pencil eraser sized wolf spider on the glass of her driver’s side door.

With a suitably super-hero flick I sent the monster flying off into a nearby bush – and bid the relieved citizen a nice evening.

The rest of the day came and went, and ended with the roommate’s relatives gushing over how amazing their day was and showing me all the pictures they took.

Colorado is really quite photogenic. 🙂

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