It’s been a while, February 2021 in fact, since my last tussle with a yearly flu bug. But yesterday I finally got my ticket punched by this year’s variant.

Yesterday by lunchtime it was a scratchy throat and a slight fever, today it’s an epic sinus headache, shallow cough, fever, chills, muscle aches – the works.

I’m pushing Theraflu and liquids, downing lots of V8, and enjoying the occasional hot shower with one of those Vicks “VapoShower” tablets which makes my shower into a eucalyptus sauna. I’ve been napping a lot as well, which always helps.

I tend to eat a lot of epically hot / spicy food when I’m ill, and today for lunch I had a Wendy’s chili with extra hot sauce and a few of their spicy chicken nuggets with their delicious Ghost Pepper Ranch sauce…

En garde flu bug!

Outside of that though, my breathing is fine and my blood/oxygen is fine, so I doubt it’s the mysterious virus of unknown origin and is probably just a run of the mill flu bug.

I’ll be over it soon enough, and once again earn my immunity to the yearly creepy crawly.

Listening to "Neon Blood" by Kalax