It’s been a while, February 2021 in fact, since my last tussle with a yearly flu bug. But yesterday I finally got my ticket punched by this year’s variant.

Yesterday by lunchtime it was a scratchy throat and a slight fever, today it’s an epic sinus headache, shallow cough, fever, chills, muscle aches – the works.

I’m pushing Theraflu and liquids, downing lots of V8, and enjoying the occasional hot shower with one of those Vicks “VapoShower” tablets which makes my shower into a eucalyptus sauna. I’ve been napping a lot as well, which always helps.

I tend to eat a lot of epically hot / spicy food when I’m ill, and today for lunch I had a Wendy’s chili with extra hot sauce and a few of their spicy chicken nuggets with their delicious Ghost Pepper Ranch sauce…

En garde flu bug!

Outside of that though, my breathing is fine and my blood/oxygen is fine, so I doubt it’s the mysterious virus of unknown origin and is probably just a run of the mill flu bug.

I’ll be over it soon enough, and once again earn my immunity to the yearly creepy crawly.

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Dash Cam 2

Just to show how prevalent the crazies are now, this is three days after the last post, which also happens to be the next time I left the house…

And people ask why I never leave the house…

The best bet these days is to assume everyone around you will simply drive into you if given the chance. This is why I tend to leave huge distances between me and the car in front of me so that when they ‘have an episode’ and drive into something I’m clear of the carnage (and get good footage).

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Dash Cam

A while back I wrote about the dash-cam I installed and the reasons why – because it’s kind of a daily thing where someone does something boneheaded in the 5 miles between the house and the office.

I figure’d I’d post one from this morning, as an example…

Pay attention to the lights…

People ask why I head to work at 0600; because there’s only one or two of these people on the road at that hour. 🙂

(I got a note that the video wasn’t playing for someone. I’m guessing it’s because I exported the video as HEVC (h.265), which tends to only work with new(er) hardware. I’ve re-uploaded the clip as h.264, which is bigger but should be more compatible)

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The final piece of my vehicular mod-list was completed today; I think I’m done for the foreseeable future now.

  • Looks: Limousine-grade tint all the way around.
  • Performance: Unlocking the computers in the car to enable the SRT stuff.
  • Sound: the stock exhaust is designed for people who don’t want to know the car is running.

Today that last item was completed.

Yes, that really is an engine the size of a large doghouse…

I took the car over to the local speed shop and had the four ultra-silent mufflers cut off of it, everything replaced with 2.5″ stainless steel, and added a couple of Flowmaster 40’s.

See, I’m old – so I come from a time where a ‘hot rod’ at idle tended to sound like a large boat – and if you got on the throttle they were loud enough that any discussion was reserved for the next stoplight. Fast cars were a total sensory package that included the smell of high-test exhaust, acres of brilliantly painted steel to look at, the feel of gravity moving from under you to behind you, and an incredible soundtrack powered by literal explosions.

Cars nowadays tend to have one or two of the listed items, but never the full package… Well, unless you spend six figures on something rare, exotic, and a pain in the butt to work on.

So, with the 300 I wanted to get as much 80’s teenager petrolhead-ness as possible out of it while still being a responsible adult… The car is extremely quick and has a 160MPH speedo for a reason, but never gets outside of the safety envelope for public streets where other people are being road hazards. The tint is pretty dark, but still has excellent visibility so it’s safe to drive even at night. And now it’s rumblier and louder, but (probably) won’t wake up the neighborhood when I leave for work at 6am.

There are a few more things I’d like to do to the car, such as lowering springs to take an inch out of the stance and some 305’s for the rear… But the roads are generally bad for being lowered and pulling into the average parking-lot is already as close to the front air-dam as is practical, and I think I’ll burn the tread off of the current (new) tires first before investing in newer ones.

See? Adult! 😀

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