So long, Server

After many long years, Apple has discontinued MacOS Server.

I’ve been using Apple’s server product since OSX came out, I guess it would be 2001 or so, so I have some passing history with the product for a couple of decades – and it’s a bittersweet thing for me to see it come to an end.

Now, granted, most of the features of “Server” have been included in the base OS for some time now – so I’ve only used “Server” on older machines. But I’m kind of a collector of older machines…

The last stand alone OSX server product, which I run on my Xserve.

My Intel-based Xserve for example still runs Snow Leopard Server, which was $499 back in the day. But, before the Intel-based server there was the dual G5 server which ran Tiger Server…

The “Universal Binary” version of Tiger Server – it ran on both PPC and Intel, and was the only OSX that did both on one disc.

I think the unlimited client version of Tiger Server was $999 back in the day.

Anyway, it was a good run OSX Server – have a good one buddy!

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I guess the biggest news in the universe at the moment is that the world’s richest man – Elon Musk – just purchased the world’s most problematic domain –

Yep. For 44 billion dollars.

Twitter, for me at least, has always been a mixed bag; I’m far too wordy for the short post format, and I rarely have anything so important to say that it requires an audience. That and the place is a bit like a philosophical particle accelerator; it creates opinions of such energy and instability that they cannot exist in nature.

But, all that aside, I’ve returned to the Twitterverse to see what can be seen.

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Every Day I’m Shuffling

Here’s another odd bit of Apple history that you can still plug into a Mac and expect it it to still work…

The original iPod Shuffle.

This is my 1Gig Shuffle that I picked up back in February of 2005, and like my iPhone 1, it still holds a charge for days and still works beautifully.

I use it for my evening walks because you can still plug one of these into a bleeding edge M1 Mac running the latest OS, and Apple Music (iTunes) will still see it and load it with random music.

Though you do need an adapter these days to get from USB type-A to USB type-C…

I’ve long since lost the original headphones and now use a pair of JBL Quantum 50s with the Shuffle, which are certainly good enough for walking around to a personal soundtrack.

It never ceases to amaze me just how long Apple stuff lasts…

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