It’s a pretty typical March outside…

Under that snow is probably a half of an inch of ice as it rained for a few hours last evening before getting below freezing all night. So, I’m not driving into the office today unless it’s an emergency…

I just don’t see the sense in risking a $30,000 car for the opportunity to sit in a different office and do exactly the same thing I do right here in my home office.

That and it gives me a chance to finish moving into the new MacBook Pro before the 10am Teams meeting…

Yep, back on a Mac – specifically the top-end 16″ M1 Max 32-core GPU version – for a couple of reasons.

  • My PC is currently worth about $7000, or about $3000 more than I paid for it. If I can find someone to buy it, that more than covers the cost of the new $4000 laptop.
  • My PC uses a bit over 150watts at idle and 600watts at full-tilt, which with the increases in utility cost is slightly painful each month. The MacBook on the other hand tops out at 140watts.
  • My PC is basically a space heater I can plug a monitor into, which in the summer will suck as I need to run the AC as little as possible to keep costs down. The MacBook basically generates no heat.
  • My circa 2014 UPS has finally failed and replacing it is $250. The MacBook comes with a built-in 6-10 hour UPS.
  • And lastly, Windows 11 is just “okay” as an OS, but gets immeasurably worse when Microsoft adds all kinds of unavoidable advertising to it. MacOS is the better OS in broad strokes, but also isn’t an ad platform with a file browser tacked onto it.

Overall, the new MacBook is nice; great CPU/GPU, super nice screen, and the build quality is just as stellar as always… But the return of some actual ports is my favorite part, one of which is an actual SD card slot! So it’s really easy to get photos off of my cameras!

The above pictures came from my Canon G12, in fact… I still need to get Photoshop installed so that I can do the lens correction for it.

Overall the new MacBook really, really reminds me of my old G4 PowerBook; it’s chunky, heavy, has actual ports, and is kinda bleeding edge for {current year}.

Listening to "Faded Memory" by Jessie Frye