I’m a big fan of hot sauce and tend to put it on everything, because everything can use a bit more spice in my humble opinion.

I’m also a bit of a hot sauce snob; I like the heat and appreciate anything that can make a little sweat break out on my brow – but it also has to be flavorful… There is a lot of sauce out there that simply tastes like burning, and I’m not a fan.

So, my refrigerator has a door pocket reserved for various hot sauces, but the one I tend to use the most often when I have it, is “Diablo” packets from Taco Bell.

No, really. “Diablo” is really, really good sauce – good enough that once a month I get a couple of soft tacos and ask for as many sauce packets as the nice person at the window will part with, and then squirrel them away for later…

Now, the astute among you may be telling their monitor, “Just buy it in the bottle at the store – they sell Taco Bell sauce there!” And while you would be right, at least around Denver all you can get is yellow (mild) and red (hot). The “hot” is essentially spicy catsup and I’m not a fan of that either.

But recently Target of all places started carrying Diablo bottles, so yesterday I picked up a couple…

Mmmm, Diablo sauce…

What’s interesting is Diablo does not appear to be exceptionally shelf-stable; the bottles I picked up were just put on the shelf, and expire in mid July. So this may explain why it’s so hard to get outside of a trip to Taco Bell.

Either way though, this makes me pretty happy. I’m off to scramble some eggs, make a Denver omelet, and slather it in Diablo sauce – back in a bit!

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