Today we set the wayback machine to 1998; the very early days of 3D video games powered by dedicated 3D hardware…

The era of “3dfx” and a whole lot of voodoo.

This was the absolute best 3D card in ’98 – ran about $500, has 12 MEGS of ram, and a 90Mhz clock speed. This was in my EverQuest rig, which had a bleeding edge 300Mhz Pentium II, 128 MEGS of ram, and a very fancy SCSI-II drive subsystem.

I think at the time I was building this machine Windows 95 was the top PC OS – Win98 wouldn’t come out for a couple of months.

One of the nice things about this card is you didn’t have to set jumpers for hardware bus settings like IRQ. The drivers had evolved to a point where they could poll for the card and figure things out.

Good times.

Listening to "Standing on Higher Ground" by The Alan Parsons Project