Sign of the Times

Back on March 25th I snapped a photo of this pump, where I paid $5 for one and a quarter gallons of gas.

Today it was $10 for two and a quarter gallons. $4.40 a gallon. And we haven’t even gotten to the summer price hikes yet – whee!

A friend of mine has a Tesla and loves to be wink-wink nudge-nudge smug about the current gas prices…

“Wow, over $4 a gallon – that has to suck.”

“Yeah, cost me $10 and 45 seconds to add a hundred miles of range to my car. Horrible.”

I’m so glad I traded the Murano for the Kicks when I did, because the Kicks is cheap to feed even with crazy gas prices because it’ll get close to 50mpg on the highway and is averaging 30 in-town even with all the stop and go.

Good timing on my part I guess.

Listening to "Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)" by The Alan Parsons Project