Still on my personal quest to nail down specific dates and places for my memoirs; everything gets a bit murky after twenty-plus years, and I’m a stickler for detail.

Today I discovered that the social security administration, for the low low fee of $92, will send you an itemized list of every place you’ve worked, where that was, and when.

Of course the SSA is a government agency, so there’s a hefty form to fill out (SSA-7050-F4) and then mail in. And now I have to go procure an envelope and a stamp.

I’ve not seen a physical un-postmarked stamp in like a decade.

Once they get the form, and charge me the fee, it can apparently take up to 120 days for them to send the data back to me – via the mail, of course… Dealing with the government on occasion is good for a person; gets you to slow down and enjoy the process. 🙂

I’ve also started the process for my OMPF from my time in the Navy – which is another lengthy form – online this time – from archives.gov.

See, my military days were 32 to 36 years ago; before smartphones and digital cameras and social media were memorizing every aspect of your life for you. So, while I know the big dates, like the day in July I raised my right hand and enlisted, and the day in October when I drove through the front gate of the Groton Sub Base base for the last time – the rest is kind of a blur.

Anyway, now that the zombie virus has abated, the archives folks are back up to speed and handling cases not directly involving death – so I sent that e-form off today.

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