Dash Cam

Given how bad the ‘imports’ are these days – and by import I mean someone from out of state who decided Colorado is the place to be – a dash cam is pretty much a necessity.

So, I got myself a cheap little Garmin camera, hacked some 5volt USB from the 12volt power running my auto-dimming mirror, and presto! Dash Cam.

The 300 has a steeply raked windshield and I have tint on it now, so gluing a camera to it wasn’t going to work. Ultimately I stuck the camera to the plastic housing for the sensor suite above the rear view mirror – which is the black thing at the top of the picture.

Given what I see daily on the roads now, this should not only offer some insurance protection, but also provide an endless stream of ‘people being dumb in cars’ for entertainment.

Listening to "Ship of Fools" by Robert Plant