I despise mayonnaise, and that goes double for the “Better Living Through Modern Chemistry” liquid fat analog that passes for mayo at a fast food place. So, you can imagine how often I’m disappointed by a drive-through – which is a contributing factor to how rarely I’ll stop at a Burger Barn.

Today I had to drive into the office real quick, and on the way back I was going to stop and get a couple of sodas. But gas station sodas are expensive, it was close to dinner time, and I drive right past a Burger King on the way home… So…

While waiting for the drive through to catch up with the Suburban full of kids, I got a chance to peruse the menu and, as I tend to prefer bird over beef, I settled on a BBQ Cheddar Chicken Sandwich. BBQ is usually safe because mayo and BBQ sauce aren’t a good mix, but just in case I asked for “no mayo” and was told the sandwich didn’t come with the stuff.

Except that it does. And they did – because everything has mayo on it these days… I’m surprised the soda doesn’t come with mayo.

Anyway, it’s not the end of the world and I’m not going to explode or anything. I just left off the top bun and the insulating lettuce layer.

But with all of the “health conscious” noise these fast food places make, you would think the first thing to go would be the 200 calories of fake mayo artery-hardener on every sandwich… But nope – it’s all about the fake burgers that they put the fake mayo on these days.

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