Out and About

Today my roommate’s sister and her husband arrive from out of state for a short visit. I’ve been volunteered to take the lot for a tour up in the mountains tomorrow (Sunday), so I’m sure I’ll have something to post about (and a photo or two) that evening.

We’ll be taking my rocket-barge I guess, as it’s a bit more comfy than the roommate’s Jeep and actually gets slightly better gas milage – as long as I drive it like I’m retired.

Other than that, not a lot to report. Over the last week or two I’ve pretty much just hunkered down and tried to save money wherever possible in expectation of a $1000+ tags and title fee for the 300.

I’ve re-textured a friends avatar in Second Life, which took several days… The avatar is a zebra sort of thing, and 3D stripes suck – but I got it done and said friend is happy, so yay me.

Today I unboxed, configured, and loaded a new computer for the biometrics department at work… I wanted to get it done yesterday, but FedAxe was running late and didn’t drop the machine off at the office until 5pm.

It’s a new(er) HP Z8 G4 workstation, meaning it’s somewhat on-par with my old gaming rig that my roommate eventually sold to work to pay off his new Mac Studio. It’s a dual 6136 Xeon machine with 512 gigs of ECC DDR4, and a Quadro P6000 in it… Not too shabby for a bit over $4000.

It’s a ‘refurb’, and being as we need it for science-y stuff I had to do a full hardware certification on it once I got it configured and loaded, which took about four hours this morning. But it passed and I’m back home for the remainder of the day.

Listening to "Escaping the Void" by Timecop1983