Feeling better – mostly

So, here I am a bit over a week from when I came down with the 2022 model year of the flu – and I’m pretty much over it I think.

This year’s iteration of the flu was definitely something special, and this was the sickest I think I’ve ever been with it… Luckily it kinda bounced between my sinuses and my throat and never really got into my lungs, so the coughing has been merely annoying.

My treatment regimen was the usual; sleep, hot showers, orange juice, Theraflu, cream of chicken soup, and any time I felt up to it – something cataclysmically spicy. And I worked from home through the whole ordeal, so I didn’t miss any work and nothing fell too far behind.

I did manage to score the bonus sinus infection, so I’m on a week-long course of Doxycycline to clear that up.

I’m pondering taking a few sick days though simply to rest a bit. That and the Doxycycline makes me a bit sick to my stomach…

Listening to "86'" by Kalax