For most of my childhood – so the 70’s and early 80’s – radio was a kid’s social media. If you wanted to know what the new fad was, the latest music was, news, culture, whatever – radio was how you did it.

There was also TV, of course, but TVs were expensive so they tended to belong to your parents, and in turn showed what your parents were interested in; usually a game show of some sort. A cheap radio on the other hand could be had for lunch money, and because it was yours it played the stations that played your music.

Your radio also tended to be portable, so you could do you wherever you happened to be – and you could even listen to whatever your social group was into while out and about with them.

Back in those days, the DJ for whatever genera of music you were into occupied an interesting space – they were a disembodied voice that no one could put a face to, but were also a kindred soul for everyone in range of the transmitter who was into that genera. In school, there was as much to-do made about the specific DJ as there was about the music they played.

For me, the radio station of choice was “KBPI” at 105.9 – the “hundred thousand watt blowtorch of the rockies” as they called it.

There were also cassettes of course – everyone had a Walkman in the 80’s… Not many people had an actual Sony Walkman though, as they tended to be pretty expensive. See, anything you could carry that played a cassette and had headphones was a “Walkman” back then, much to the other manufacturers chagrin I’m sure.

But the blue and silver Sony with the orange foam headphones was ‘boss’ at the time, and the pinnacle of coolness. And having an actual Sony Walkman made you conversation-worthy in the school halls… Now, where you got the music for your Walkman was either copying a friend’s mix-tape, or making your own off the radio.

Sure, you could go buy the hot album of the week and then tape the tracks you wanted – but albums were expensive for that 1-2 tracks you were really interested in. And a cassette held 10-12 tracks per side, so that’s a dozen albums you’d need to buy for one tape… So, the better solution was the radio mix-tape, but that required heaps of patience and some skill…

I remember sitting in front of my grandmother’s home stereo on weekends, for hours, finger on the record/pause button, patiently waiting for a song I wanted to record to come on the radio.

It was always my grandmother’s stereo because my father wouldn’t let me within a dozen yards of his stuff, and my receiver at home didn’t have a cassette in it. So, I always enjoyed being shuffled off to my grandmother’s place in Golden on the weekends.

Listening to "The Spirit of Radio" by Rush


It’s been a really busy few weeks, and I’ve been at the office at least one day every weekend for the last month… Today is no different; as soon as one of the testers manages to make it to the office and drop off a mac, I’ll be in doing some last-minute testing before Monday to make a client happy.

It’s not hard work mind you, just lightly annoying to have everything in my life orbit around work… Like, I’d planned to go see the new Batman movie today being as it’s supposedly good and I don’t have to wear a spacesuit to go to the theater anymore. Buuuut – no. I have testing to do.

Oh well, it allows me to buy another week of gruel, I guess.

Most of my overtime issues stem from how hard it is to hire people these days. Back in 2019 we had a constant stream of people contacting us looking for a job, now no matter how much advertising we do for more employees, there are simply none to be had.

We’re not alone in this problem either. Which I’m guessing is why the number of contracts we’re getting is increasing; no one else can get in new people either so they’re trying to contract out… Which means I get to fill in the bare spots in the testing schedule.

Oh well – this too shall pass.

In my rare moments of down-time I’ve been playing “Lost Ark”, which is essentially “World of Diablo”. It’s been really fun and, so far, it’s a really good game… I just recently made it to the level 50 cap and still have over half of the main storyline to complete, so I’m definitely getting my $15 out of the thing.

Listening to "Everything" by FM-84

Hello world!

Ye olde website has moved servers once again.

The long and short of it is I found I could get three years of hosting at GoDaddy for a bit less than one year at Dreamhost. And while Dreamhost is really, really good – my site here requires something between the cheap shared hosting and the $300 a year VPS hosting, which they don’t offer.

And with looming WWIII, rampant inflation, an energy crisis, crashing stock markets, a housing bubble, and the general cost of living almost exceeding my income – I need to save money where I can.

I’d actually thought about just shelving the site here, but I have fun with it and now it’s cheap(er) fun.

The problem I’ve run into in exfiltrating my data from Dreamhost is the backup they sent me isn’t complete… It’s missing pretty much the entire last year. So, even though the dump date is February 13th, 2022, the last entries in the database are from March 28th, 2021.

So, I’m thinking I’ll just start again from here. I’ll put the memoirs back up for the occasional curious tourist, and maybe I’ll do a ‘year in review’ for each year leading up to today just to condense things.

Listening to "Thief in the Night" by Yutaka Yamada