6000 miles

On Friday the car hit 6000 miles – so as I usually do here’s the record:

I purchased the 300 on August 10th, 2022, which was approximately 600 days ago – so I’m managing to stick to the roughly 10 miles a day that I’ve been averaging since I bought it. Which is interesting considering the 300-ish mile trip to Walsenburg and back last month and the fact the car ticked over 6000 miles on the way back from North Denver.

I’ve been eyeballing some modifications for the car such as a 3.09 geared differential, long tube headers, and a racier intake which may happen this summer depending on how cocked up the economy remains as we head into election season… Typically right before an election the current regime does everything they can to make everyone’s economic situation as nice as possible to garner votes – so who knows, maybe I’ll find myself with a spare hundred dollars or so this summer.

Listening to "Who's Behind The Door" by Zebra