My neighborhood has both a regular trash service and a recycling service, each with a different can.

I generate so little trash that I don’t really participate… I mean, by each Wednesday morning I have about a quarter-can of refuse to put out, and if I split it all out I’d have two eighth-cans.

My neighbors though? They need 3-4 cans and usually have a mound of other stuff sitting next to them that won’t fit in the smaller recycling can – usually a pile of Amazon cardboard and random packing material from other delivery services… Pet food delivery, meal delivery, clothing delivery, grocery delivery; it makes one wonder if they ever leave the house.

Anyway, the problem is they like to put out the trash Tuesday afternoon because the trash trucks come at around 10am – and that’s just too damn early. And, invariably, on Tuesday night a good breeze will blow though and evenly distribute the recycling all over the neighborhood…

So, the neighbors get to feel good because they’re “recycling” and saving the planet! Meanwhile their “recycling” is filling up the little woodland area in front of my house.

The icing on this cake of disappointment is one of these neighbors is a loud and proud “Eco Warrior” who will go on and on and on (and on) about global warming and how horrible humanity is… Meanwhile her trash is everywhere, she drives an urban assault vehicle big enough to require its own zip-code, and runs her A/C 24/7 – rain or shine.

It makes me wonder if this is common, and if it is just how much attention I should be giving these people.

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