This morning’s breakfast is “Le Peep”; there’s one just south of my place on Parker road, but I’ve not eaten there until this morning.

I think the last time I ate at Le Peep was probably the early 80’s in Longmont… Back then the place had just escaped Aspen, so it was kind of designed (and priced) for SoCal women visiting their Aspen house with their staff and designer dogs.

It was good, but back then $15 for breakfast was borderline insanity, and no one in Longmont even knew what an avocado was let alone why it should be an ingredient in everything on the menu.

Fast forward 40 years and the prices haven’t really changed much, the ambiance of the place is about the same, and there’s an avocado in pretty much every dish – but the clientele are now the median age of Joe Biden.

While waiting for my to-go order a balding fellow with an ironic ponytail and an actual Izod polo shirt walked in and was seated… I assume he’s been eating at LePeep since the 80’s. Then there was the elderly lady who spent the entire time I was waiting attempting to park her beige late 80’s 300-series Mercedes; she must have pulled in an out of the handicap space a half dozen times while I watched – mostly because my car was next to the handicap spot and I was expecting a costly confrontation at any moment.

She evidently gave up because she followed me out of the parking lot and eventually ended up at the IHOP just up the hill. It has RV parking, so might have been easier for her to navigate.

All in all though the food was good when I got it home. I ordered the ala carte biscuits and gravy with a scrambled egg and a side of sausage, and it was pretty inexpensive for what I got; $17 including the mandatory tip (for a carry out order)…

I was initially going to get the biscuits and gravy menu item, but they don’t offer scrambled eggs anywhere but ala carte… Only peasants eat their eggs scrambled I guess. 🙂

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