For sale

Well, I’ve had my first encounter with selling something on ebay.

For the most part, it’s pretty painless… I wanted to sell an old motherboard and my old Cintiq tablet to make a little extra cash for frivolous things like groceries. So I took a few photos, filled out the forms, and listed them.

One thing ebay doesn’t mention until you’ve actually sold something is that they take 13 percent of the profit right off the top, plus another 30 cents for some generally opaque reason. So, for the $700 motherboard I sold for $600, ebay sucked up $77.70 – and I had to pay for shipping, so I’ll net about $500. And after all is said and done I’ll get about $250 for my old Cintiq.

Not great, but it beats sitting on this stuff for no real reason I guess.

Now I’m waiting for ebay to release the money… See, I’ve never sold anything via ebay so I’m suspect I guess. This means there’s a hold on the funds until some algorithm somewhere is satisfied that I’m not ripping people off.

I’m not in a hurry, so it’s okay – but the first brush with ebay leaves a bit to be desired.

I also put my PC up on Craig’s List for a few days; but as I expected it’s just too expensive and too “one-off” for the general population; few people get why a Xeon Gold 6312U CPU costs $1200, and a 3090 is around $2500 right now. A $5000 PC just isn’t a popular item currently…

But, my roommate decided he wanted it, and will be making payments for a while. So while I didn’t get an instant payoff of the new M1 Max laptop, it’s covered – it’ll just take a year or so.

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