So long, Server

After many long years, Apple has discontinued MacOS Server.

I’ve been using Apple’s server product since OSX came out, I guess it would be 2001 or so, so I have some passing history with the product for a couple of decades – and it’s a bittersweet thing for me to see it come to an end.

Now, granted, most of the features of “Server” have been included in the base OS for some time now – so I’ve only used “Server” on older machines. But I’m kind of a collector of older machines…

The last stand alone OSX server product, which I run on my Xserve.

My Intel-based Xserve for example still runs Snow Leopard Server, which was $499 back in the day. But, before the Intel-based server there was the dual G5 server which ran Tiger Server…

The “Universal Binary” version of Tiger Server – it ran on both PPC and Intel, and was the only OSX that did both on one disc.

I think the unlimited client version of Tiger Server was $999 back in the day.

Anyway, it was a good run OSX Server – have a good one buddy!

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