Sign of the Times

Another week, another trip to the gas station…

Gas is up to $4.80 a gallon now.

On Thursday I had to drive across town to the dealership for the yearly oil change, tire rotation, lube and tune session – which is why I burned almost three gallons this week instead of the customary two.

The dealership was slightly concerned that I didn’t like the car, because I have driven a whopping 1800 miles since I bought it about a year ago… Even with everything being stupidly expensive, apparently people are still averaging a thousand miles a month.

Too rich for my blood.

I did manage to score a very rare and hard-to-acquire brag sheet for the new Z while I was there:

I was told by the sales guy that every dealership will get one or two of the new Z cars some time in late July – with no real choice on color, model, or spec because of the ever-present Supply Chain Issues that plague everything these days.

And because of this scarcity, the expected dealer markup will be $8-$10k – of course.

I still added my name to the list of a dozen or so people interested in one… But I doubt I’ll seriously consider anything until the NISMO version is released.

I spent some time chatting with the sales guy as it was a slow day and I had no where else to be until they finished with my car; I regaled him with tales of my 240Z, 280Z, 300ZX turbo, and 370Z Nismo and gave him a lot of pointers on the various platforms. He tried to talk me into buying a purple 2016 370Z they had on the lot – but I’m holding out for the new one.

And that was about it for the week; just continuing to put one foot in front of the other and hoping the shit-show abates eventually.

Listening to "America Online" by The Midnight