Top Fuel

I just got back from the gas station, which oddly ties into my last post about the cost of food and the financial gymnastics that goes on to afford things in 2023…

My grocer has a loyalty card thing that gives me points for every dollar I spend on food, and said points can be used for a $0.10 / gallon of gas discount per 100 points – which can only be used at their station and expire monthly.

I currently spend $400-$500 a month on food, which is 400-500 points per month – or $0.40 or $0.50 off per gallon – and I use a bit less than a quarter tank a week so I need about a tank of gas per month…

So today I fed my planet destroying hemi a bit over 16 gallons of 91 octane for $3.39 a gallon after the $0.50 a gallon discount.

That means it was still over $50 to fill the tank, which sucks, but it could have been closer to $70… And every dollar counts right now.

Listening to "Neon Daydreams" by Dana Jean Phoenix