If you’ve ever wondered what it was like being in Highschool in the mid-80’s – here’s the musical version:

“Mixtapes” by Moonrunner83 – featuring N8TVS

Waking up in the middle of the night
Time's a shadow creeping over us
Lost a minute but it seems like a life
Where did everyone go?

Keeping it together, holding on to the edge
Without a second to lose
Feeling like forever is just all in your head
Can anybody hear you?

Chorus: Love songs don't fade
So we put our hearts on mixtapes
We can keep every moment all on cassette
Making memories on a Memorex

Share a kiss or take a shot in the dark
No one's looking for anything
Wild fires always start with a spark
And they never die down slow

We're talking on the phone until we both fall asleep
And waking up - afternoon
And feeling like forever is just a day of the week
By Friday I'm in love with you


Looking for the perfect song to put at the end
So we don't forget you and me
Writing down forever in a permanent pen
A final sunset symphony




Listening to "Mixtapes (feat. N 8 T V S)" by Moonrunner83