Audit ALL the things!

You can tell things are getting tight economically by the number of organizations shaking down my company for loose change right now.

This month started with a tax audit by the city we reside in, then being as we’re a NIST certified laboratory NIST wanted to do an audit (which runs about ten grand), and this morning I have a call with Microsoft to audit our licensing so they can determine how much more money I need to give them.

The correct answer is “none”; I run mostly linux internally and the two Windows servers are running 2008r2 with cals that were both paid for ages ago – and all of my employee Microsoft needs are managed via Office 365 – so at least it’ll be a short meeting.

Anyway, I need to run and get on this 7am call with Microsoft. Have a great day out there!

Listening to "Severed" by New Arcades and Droid Bishop